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Our Lessons

Artists 6-12

Private lessons for this age group are heavily focused on the fundamentals. Before we learn to run we learn to walk. Before we learn to paint we learn to draw. Drawing is the basic building block of all art. For this age group we begin with drawing from observation using a variety of mediums from pencil, to charcoal, to pen and ink and more. 

Having fun, exploring and growing enthusiasm is our main goal. We will still paint but it's not our primary focus. 

Artists 13-18

​Private lessons for this age group focus more on the structure of a painting. It's composition, design elements and more advanced painting techniques. We like to learn about our students style and tastes in order to craft projects that are fun and engaging. 

Students looking to further their education in the arts will have the opportunity to be part of critiques, a major and often intimidating part of the art world. We believe by having a softer introduction into the dreaded "crit" gives the emerging artist a chance to develop emotional skills to receive and give constructive criticism. 

Artists 18+

Adult lessons begin with getting to know the artist's interests and background. We will work on projects that build upon where you are. Perhaps you've always loved art but never had formal training and now you have time to explore. Or perhaps you've always made art but want to learn more. Maybe you've never tried art and are now interested in trying something new! Wherever you are we will creative fun, interesting, and if you'd like challenging classes. 

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