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  • Am I a good fit for your classes?
    YES! As long as you are 6 and over. Our classes are offered in 2 hour blocks. We’ve found that sessions shorter than 2 hours don’t allow enough time to get through a project or even part of a more comprehensive project. Art simply takes time. No matter your starting point, background or abilities we will work together to craft lessons to fit your unique learning style, and interests. The key is open communication. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. We're here for you.
  • Where do in-person lessons take place?
    We travel to you! If you are within Lincoln or just outside the north side of town, we will travel to you. If you do not wish to have lessons within your home, we are happy to arrange another meet up spot such as a coffee shop, park, etc.
  • What do lessons cost?
    1 Hour Lessons, ages 6-8 $40 (single lesson you can take whenever you'd like) $75 (2 lessons per month, use within a month from start date of plan, renews monthly until canceled by student or student guardian) $140 (4 lessons per month, use within a month from start date of plan, renews monthly until canceled by student or student guardian) 2 Hour Lessons, ages 9+ $55 (single lesson you can take whenever you'd like) $100 (2 lessons per month, use within a month from start date of plan, renews monthly until canceled by student or student guardian) $185 (4 lessons per month, use within a month from start date of plan, renews monthly until canceled by student or student guardian)
  • Is there a minimum number of classes I have to take?
    Our classes are offered in 2 hour blocks. We highly recommend starting with at least 2 sessions. Two, 2 hour sessions will give us enough time to start and finish a project you’ll be proud to show off. Like most skills the more time you devote to it the further you’ll go. There is so much exciting stuff to learn! Art is a building process. You have to start with the fundamentals before you move on to the next step. Whether you are a novice or an expert there is always something new to learn.
  • How are you keeping students safe from COVID-19 and other illness?
    We have been staying up to date with the CDC guidelines. We respect everyone's comfort levels. We offer classes both virtually and in person. In person classes take place in your home or a location of your choosing. We are happy to comply with any masking, hand washing, or distancing practices you request. Instructor(s) is fully vaccinated and boosted.
  • Why are the lessons 2 hours long for ages 9+? Are other lengths offered?
    Two hours may seem like a long time but we know from experience the time flies! Honing a new skill or refining preexisting ones takes time and practice. Art is a great way to get yourself into a flow state. For more advanced students we highly recommend booking two, 2 hour blocks back to back. This gives the artist and instructor ample time to get into a real detailed project. Our 4 Lessons per Month plan fits nicely into this more rigorous commitment. 1 hour lessons are recommended for ages 6-8. This time frame is developmentally appropriate. It allows for the lessons to be fun and engaging!
  • Do I have to purchase my own materials?
    Yes. We are happy to have you use what you already have for the first few classes. Then depending on your trajectory we’ll recommend specific supplies for future projects. What if I don't have anything to start with? Fear not. Each student will be given a recommended list of basic materials and tools for your convenience. This start up supplies list will give you everything you need to succeed. Since each class is tailored to the student before the start of the first class your supply list will be unique to you. We’re happy to recommend vendors, where and how to find great bargains and any other tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years.
  • What is your cancelation policy?
    To reschedule a lesson, we'll need 24 hours' notice. Please contact us via email if you need to reschedule. Exceptions will be made in emergency situations. We understand life happens. Please be kind and don't abuse this policy. Cancellation refunds will only be issued if the cancellation is made one week in advance of a given session. Cancellations made without a one week's notice may still incur a partial or full charge. When booking with a plan, funds are automatically collected until the customer cancels the plan. If you do not book a session within the terms of the plan, one month, a refund will not be offered. We understand life sometimes gets in the way. If you need to have your plan suspended for any given month, please email us. During the suspension, funds will not be collected, and you will not be able to book a lesson. When you are ready, contact us via email to have your account reinstated. Refunds are subject to Wix service fees. If a refund is requested before the beginning of a month, thus prior to Wix processing the funds, a full refund will be available. Unfortunately, if Wix has already processed and deposited the funds to the business, a partial refund will be made. We can only refund you what we collect.
  • My artist is under 6 years old? Can they still take classes?
    Maybe. If your artist will be turning 6 years old shortly after we begin, an evaluation of their motor skills and attention span will take place before accepting them as a student. If you feel your emerging artist is ready we’d love to get to know them! For the younger artists among us we hope to add shorter classes in the near future that will be tailored to the attention span and motor skills of the budding artist’s age.
  • Where did the name Linseed Art Academy come from?
    Linseed oil has been used for thousands of years. It’s name 'linum usitatissimum' in latin means 'most useful'. Humans have used the plant for many applications; linseed oil, flax seed, linen fibers, linoleum production, cattle feed, oil paint! and others. LAA is where artists go to grow. We strive to continue the tradition of being ‘most useful’ to the arts community by providing a strong network of artists, top quality art instruction, and a means to strengthen the personal resolve and self esteem in each of our artists.
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